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           Glow Golf Balls for Night Golf !

 It's glow golf time ! We deliver glow golf balls and refill sticks to keep your game Bright.

We supply clear glow Golf Balls with Green, Orange, Pink and Yellow snap and glow sticks.

* To use simply snap and shake the Glow stick and insert into the Glow Golf Ball. The Golf Ball can be reused over and over ! Sticks Glow for Four Hours plus.

   Only the  Brighter Glow Golf Balls are being shipped. We will still supply the refill 1 1/2" multi-color sticks  (for the old style balls pre-2005). * Sorry, the older multi-color sticks are too small for the newer, brighter golf balls.

Glow Golf Ball with One Green Glow Stick.         Just $ 4.95

    (In Stock )

bulletQuantity Prices:
bullet1-24       $4.95 Each      Brightest colors are Green,
bullet25-50     $4.60 Each        Light Green, and Yellow.
bullet51-100   $4.35 Each        Orange and Pink may be 
bullet101- up  $4.20 Each         too dull for some uses.

Bright Green, Orange, Pink, Yellow  Maxi Golf Refill sticks 

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bullet Quantity Prices:            Golf Ball refill sticks
bullet 1- 12     $1.15  Each   (6.0mm diameter)
bullet13-24     $1.05  Each      (In Stock)
bullet25-49     $1.00  Each          Brightest Colors are
bullet50-plus   $.95   Each            Green and Yellow

       Special Prices on the original 1 1/2 " sticks  on our  Sports Glow Page .  These sticks only work on the older Glow Golf Balls (4.5MM diameter.)

 Please Email us with any questions on your glow golf ball needs. Night Golf is easy with the right supplies.


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