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    330- 328-8358

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                  Sells both Cyalume* and Non Cyalume chemical lights. "Cyalume" and "Glow stick" are Registered trademarks of Omniglow Corporation.

Glow Chemical Lighting  produces light from a chemical

reaction which takes place when two solutions are 

allowed to mix. A very thin glass vial keeps the two

solutions separate until you bend the sturdy plastic

body to release the chemicals in the glass vial !

            You simply Snap and GLOW !

Glow Lighting is Not Recommended for use with

Children under Five years of age !! 

Cyalume  brand products were tested according to the

Hazardous substances act and were found NOT  to be HIGHLY 


Glow Light products are safe for normal use. They are 

NOT a source of SPARKS or HEATThey may be used in Areas

where ordinary light sources pose a fire or explosion threat.

Glow Light products are non-toxic and will not cause eye injury.  

Eye contact may cause temporary discomfort similar to that

produced by shampoos or soaps. Should an Accident occur,

Rinse the exposed area with water thoroughly, then repeat the


Glow Light   products will glow from 4 to 12 hours  after

being activated, based on the type and size of product used.

Glow Light products have a shelf-life of one to four years

depending on the product. Keep stored products Away from 

Light !! Light will drastically shorten the intensity and life of 

 products in storage.



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