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        We Deliver Glow Jewelry, Glow Light Sticks, Glow Night Golf Balls and more to your Home or Office !

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                         Liquid Chemical Lighting

       Glow Light Sticks and LED lights for:   Fun , Sports, Parties, and Safety.    


        Fun Body Glow!                  Glow Golf Balls      Glow UFO Saucer !

  Order HERE  for easy, fast,  home & office  Delivery. No Minimum order and  Free Shipping on U.S. orders over $27.00. Just $4.00 shipping on smaller orders. We supply both small and large quantities of Glow Golf Balls.


  Popular  Special on 4" Glow Sticks.  We Deliver   with Priority U.S. Post Office Service                         Purple,Green,Red,Pink,Blue,Orange  

     Quality CYALUME 4" Glow Sticks by OMNIGLOW  

bullet1 to 20 Sticks  80 cents each.         (In Stock )
bullet21 to 40 Sticks  @ 75 cents      (Free Shipping on 43 sticks or more.)
bullet41 to 80 sticks   @ 65 cents             (Overnight Shipping Extra)
bullet81 sticks and up @ 57 cents 

  Equal Mix of:   Purple,Green,Red,Pink,Blue,Orange


Starter Glow Kit !!     40 Piece Kit    $29.00 

bullet8   Assorted Color 6" Glow light Sticks      Free Shipping for Kit !
bullet10 Assorted Color 22" Necklaces           ( Omniglow Chemicals)
bullet22 Assorted Color 8" Bracelets

< Click to Order    $29.00 (40 Pieces)  


New Super Wide Glow Bracelet

Now in Blue, Pink, and Green !         

                                                   (Not an Omniglow product)
bullet1  - 25     $1.20   Each       Two or Three together 
bullet26 - 49    $1.10   Each        make a wide necklace.
bullet50 - 99    $ 1.05  Each
bullet100 and up  $1.00  Each

< Click to order           

< Choose your colors        (Only Green currently in stock)


            We Supply your Glow and LED Needs.

* Fund Raising for Schools and Organizations.

* Emergency Lighting for Power outages and Hurricanes

* Glow Party Lighting for Concerts and Raves.

* Sport Glow Golf Balls for Night Golf & Night Putt-Putt. 

 * Sports Glow light sticks for Camping Safety, Fishing,  Diving , and More.

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